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SCENE opens on Amy, an 18-year-old girl, as she crashes through the door and into a hallway, laughing and nearly losing her footing. She is closely followed by Eric, a 25-year-old man, who catches the teenager and steadies her on her feet, laughing alongside her. The happy pair met that night at a club and instantly hit it off, flirting and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. When Eric invited Amy back to his house, she eagerly accepted and now here they are. Slightly embarrassed from the wipe out, the girl looks down the darkened hallway of her hookups place. Its filled with strange statues that catch her off guard. What are you . some kind of serial killer? she asks giggling, as Eric kisses her neck and guides her down the hall, brushing off his art collection as a hobby. He opens the door to his master and invites her inside. See, no statues in here, I promise! She walks inside, and he shuts the door, his expression dropping completely. Inside the bedroom, the pair start kissing and making their way over to Erics bed. In between kisses, they recount their night together and what a great coincidence it was for them to meet. Even though theyve only known each other for a few hours, it feels as if theyve known each other for years. You can tell that Amy is totally smitten by Eric, who is being sweet and goofy with her. She coyly asks if she can suck his dick and, smiling, he stops and takes her by the hand. Before we do anything, he says. I need to make sure were h…